Telescopic Chutes

A&S Steel Fabrications are also metal fabricators for a range of telescopic chutes that enable the jet slinger to be manoeuvred over the side of larger ships than would otherwise be possible.

These telescopic chute winches are a tried and proven design incorporating planetary gears and are equipped with backup safety brakes capable of holding a blocked chute. They are available with the complete range of ship loading head accessories including telescopic chute gimbal joints, jet slinger electrical power feeding devices based on cable reelers, slip rings and C-tracks.

Case Study

We have performed metal fabrication work for a telescopic chute at Fishermans Island. This innovative folding chute enables the jet slinger to be manoeuvred over the side of large ships, allowing an existing smaller shiploader to be used. These have been created using metal work and steel solutions from our team of Brisbane metal fabricators.