Mobicon Straddle Carriers

Standard Mobicon

The Standard Mobicon is a two tower straddle carrier. When no container is being carried, the two towers are connected by draw-bars.

However, when a container is being carried, the front tower transports the front of the container and the rear tower transports the back of the container. The container is then part of the straddle carrier structure.

Mobicon Systems selected A&S Steel Fabrications to manufacture a prototype in 1997 and has now gone on to manufacture on demand.

At present, we have constructed 74 Standard Mobicon straddle carriers for Mobicon Systems. The Standard Mobicon is used for loading and unloading of 20Ft to 40Ft Shipping containers.

LCS Mobicon

The LCS Mobicon is a specially designed straddle carrier, where the towers need to extend for wider loads. The LCS Mobicon was specifically designed for the US Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ships. Currently, we have only manufactured one LCS Mobicon, which has been fitted as a prototype on a US Navy Ship.