Lime Storage

The A&S Steel Fabrications team have provided lime storage and dosing steel solutions for a variety of uses. Please browse through the following case studies to find out about some of our previous steel projects. Please note that we can tailor any steel solution to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Case Studies

Design & Construct Project

This new lime storage and dosing facility in central New South Wales was designed and erected by Techniplan using steel supplies created by A&S Steel Fabrications’ metal fabricators. It was created to meet a stringent performance specification required by the New South Wales Public Works Department.

Innovative Multi-Disciplined Design Solutions

Hydrated lime is a difficult material to handle and Techniplan’s design included a mass flow bin, bin agitation unit, screw feeder, water dissolution and slurry pump. The plant is fully automatic and features state-of-the-art weighing cells and all-electrical interlocks to ensure plant integrity and operator safety under all conditions. Using our steel supplies and metal work, this plant was successfully built and will remain durable and sturdy for the future.

Plant Operation

Lime is accurately measured by a volumetric screw feeder and discharged automatically from the 30 tonne bulk storage bin. The volume of lime fed to the mixing tank is governed directly by a signal proportional to the flow in the main water supply pipe. The lime powder is mixed by an electric agitator operating in the mixing tank to form a slurry which is then pumped directly to the main pipeline by means of a positive displacement cavity pump.

Lime Storage and Dosing Plant

Lime storage and dosing facilities were built for the ACT Electricity and water supply authority at Mt Stromlo water treatment works using A&S Steel Fabrications’ steel supplies and metal work expertise. The facility consists of a new 30 tonne storage silo for handling bulk lime from road tankers. Two streams of lime are taken from the silo and metered into intermediate holding hoppers. The lime is then accurately dispensed from the intermediate hoppers via volumetric feeders into mixing tanks where the lime is dissolved in water. The concentrated lime slurry solution is then pumped to the two dosing points in the water treatment plant. The system is accurately controlled by a PLC using PH measuring devices and flow pacing signals to determine the feed rates and dosing rates.

Lime Storage Plant

Lime storage and transfer facilities were built by HMA Techniplan for The Gold Coast City Council at its Mudgeeraba water treatment works. The facility consists of a new 30 tonne storage silo for handling bulk lime from road tankers. Built from steel materials and created by the metal fabricators at A&S Steel Fabrications, a screw conveyor transfer system feeds the lime from the new silo and distributes it to three existing day hoppers.

Three manual bag loading facilities were constructed so that lime can now be accepted in 20kg bag form. The contents of the silo are determined by weight cells on the hopper structure, with continuous level readings in the water treatment plant control room. The silo and the three bag loaders are equipped with a dust collection system providing a clean environment for workers in the plant.

Lime & Alum Dosing Plant

Lime & Alum storage and dosing facilities were built for Mackay City Council. The facility consists of a new 30 tonne storage silo for handling bulk lime from road tankers. A vibratory feeder transfers the lime from the silo and distributes it to two day bins. A volumetric feeder transfers the mixed contents from an agitator into the dosing point. Our metal fabricators were the steel suppliers for this plant, providing customised metal work specifically for the project.