Jet Slingers

Jet Slingers are a tried and proven solution for stockpiling and ship loading applications. Slingers that have been created from A&S Steel Fabrications steel supplies and metal work have been used successfully on the following bulk material:

  • Coal – washed and raw (Capacity up to 3000 tph)
  • Woodchips & hardwood and soft wood (Capacity up to 1500 tph)
  • Grains & Wheat, barley, Maize (Capacity up to 1000 tph)
  • Sugar (Capacity up to 3000 tph)
  • Mineral sands & ilmenite etc (Capacity up to 1000 tph)


Quick Belt Change Facility

The quick belt change facility eliminates the need to dismantle the slinger in order to change a conveyor belt. It also eradicates the need for cranes and heavy lifting equipment in the process. More importantly, the change can be carried out in under an hour by an experienced crew using this facility. This means that an unscheduled belt change does not necessarily mean long interruptions and delays to ship loading or stockpiling operations.


Integral Bypass Chute

The integral bypass chute allows material to be directed to the belt or past the belt. The chute is not an obstructive flap valve. It is an open free flowing tilting chute without ledges or impediments to the passage of material.


Correct Geometry

Slingers made by steel supplies from A&S Steel Fabrications and designed by HMA Techniplan load tangentially onto the belt, maintaining correct loading geometry under a wide range of trajectory luff angles. This is achieved without changes in the relationships between pulleys and consequently without changes of belt tension.